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Rose Angebrandt

RA-01-HAP “Happy” Book 1 Growing Up Series

RA-01-HAP “Happy” Book 1 Growing Up Series

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What makes children happy?
Running fast, working in the garden, helping others – there are LOADS of things every single day that can make us smile, and make us feel happy.
For some kids though, it’s a struggle to feel ‘happy’. It can be hard to focus on the positive things in their lives. Never fear – those kids can still get their happy on!
Reading about the things in Breanna’s life that bring her happiness helps children realize that it’s the little things that matter. They just get overlooked sometimes.
When we take the time to think about those little things, they can create a joyful state of HAPPY.
Help the kids in your life get their HAPPY on today!

Book 1 of 3 in the Growing Up series by Rose Angebrandt

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